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Being a quality conscious organization, we lay extra emphasis upon the quality, hygiene and nutritional value of the Products  offered by us. The various types of Apricotes available with us are :
bullate Apricots
bullate Seedless Apricots
Apricots   Apricots
bullate Treat Constipation : Apricots can act as gentle laxative due to its cellulose and pectin content. Hence, if you suffer from chronic constipation, consume 6 to 8 apricots per day should help improve your condition.
bullate Ease Indigestion : As they produce an alkaline reaction on the body system, they can help you to digest better if you take some before meal. Just make sure you don't take too much so as not to disturb your proper meal consumption.
bullate Good for Anemia : Anemia is a condition whereby the blood has a lower-than-normal concentration of red blood cells (RBCs) or the RBCs have a below average amount of hemoglobin. This condition is most commonly caused by iron deficiency. Since dried apricots contain high content of iron, they're usually included in the treatment of Anemia.
bullate Fight Fevers : Apricot juice with glucose or honey can help cool your body during fever. It can also quench your thirst, eliminate the waste products from your body, tone up your eyes, stomach, liver, heart and nerves by supplying vitamins and minerals.
bullate Treat Skin Diseases : You can use apricot leaves to treat scabies, eczema, sunburn and itching of your skin due to cold exposure.
bullate Avoid Fat Deposits : As apricots are low in calories and fats, you can purée canned apricots in a blender until smooth and use it as substitute for oil, prunes or applesauce in high-calorie, high-fat recipes.
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