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Pine Nuts
Being a quality conscious organization, we lay extra emphasis upon the quality, hygiene and nutritional value of the Products  offered by us. The various types of Pine Nuts available with us are :
bullate American Pinenuts
bullate Afghan Pinenuts
Pine Nuts   Pine Nuts
bullate They are rich in antioxidants : Vitamin A and E that help you maintain a healthy skin,teeth, mucous membranes and are also good for your vision; they are high in lutein, which is helpful for a good vision
bullate Vitamin K : It’s vital for a good blood circulation, it prevents blood clogging, it promotes healthy bones and it is also helpful in menstrual cramps
bullate They are a good source of dietary fiber : The fiber that pine nuts contain are easily absorbed by the body and they help us maintain a healthy digestive system and a clean colon
bullate Oleic acid : This is a type of monounsaturated fatty acid that lowers your cholesterol and triglycerides level, which promotes a healthy heart and prevents diseases
bullate Pinolenic acid : Recent researches have shown that this type of acid might work as an appetite suppressant.
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