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Being a quality conscious organization, we lay extra emphasis upon the quality, hygiene and nutritional value of the Products  offered by us.
bullate Californian Prunes
Prunes   Prunes
bullate Eating dried plums for meals and snacks are a great way to enhance and maintain energy levels throughout the day.
bullate Prunes are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene (a natural antioxidant). These two vitamins play a key role in maintaining healthy eye-sight and are also used to fight acne, resulting in a smooth radiant skin.
bullate Prunes produce a sense of fullness in the stomach thereby helps in weight loss.
bullate The insoluble dietary fiber in prunes contributes to the growth of certain useful bacteria in the intestine. Hence, it is a natural probiotic.
bullate The soluble dietary fiber of the fruit promotes the maintenance of a healthy colon and is useful in certain conditions, like hemorrhoids, constipation, diverticular disorders and so on.
bullate Prunes are high source of iron and helps in the process of respiration.
bullate Prunes have the unique combination of low sodium levels and high potassium levels which is essential to maintain normal blood pressure level.
bullate Another mineralthat prunes are rich in is magnesium. The basic functions of this mineral are promoting relaxation (nerves, muscles,and blood vessels), relieving muscle soreness, reducing symptoms of asthma and even migraine headaches.
bullate Regular and proper intake of the fruit lowers the occurrence of inflammatory conditions like RA
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